• Playing Roulette Online: A Guide

    Playing Roulette Online: A Guide

    Playing Roulette Online: A Guide

    Roulette has been a casino staple since its invention in France during the 18th Century. The game’s simplicity is what gives it its enduring popularly.

    If you’ve ever been to a real-life casino, you have almost certainly seen a game of roulette being played. Players place bets on the position a small ball will land when after it has been sent orbiting around a spinning wheel that is divided into red and black portions. Each of these portions is numbered too.

    How to Play Roulette Online

    Playing roulette online is essentially the same as playing roulette in a casino. There really isn’t a great deal of difference. Of course, you won’t get to enjoy quite the same atmosphere online. However, you also don’t have to wait for the croupier to shout “no more bets, please” before you can see if you’re a winner or not.

    Other elements of the online roulette experience have also been optimised to favour players who favour speed. Players can use the “re-bet” option, as well as a “re-bet and spin” option. This means they don’t even need to put their chips down for a second time if they want to keep their bets the same. Many players like these options because of the speed that they bring to the game, that and the superstitious part of them means they always want to use their lucky numbers!

    To play roulette, simply click the size of the bet you want to make and click the portion of the table you want to bet it on. We’ve outlined each of the different portions below:

    Outside Bets

    Around the edge of the numbered grid, you will see various options. These are known as outside bets. They will all be labelled and usually have the pay-outs listed on them. All these outside bets lose if the numbers zero or double zero land.

    1 to 18, or 19 to 36

    These bets will win if the number the ball lands on is in the range bet on. They usually pay at 1:1.

    Red, or Black

    These bets will win if the ball lands on the same colour as the bet is placed on. They too pay at 1:1.

    Even, or Odd

    Bets placed on “even” will win if the number that lands is even. The opposite is true for bets on “odd”. These bets pay 1:1.


    Players can bet on the first (1-12), second (13-24), or third (25-36) block of 12 numbers. They will win if the ball lands on any number within the relevant block. These bets pay 2:1.

    Column Bet

    The board is also divided into blocks of 12 numbers vertically. These bets work the same as dozen bets and pay 2:1.

    Single Number Bets

    As well as the outside bets, players can bet on which numbers the ball will land on. These bets pay much higher (35:1). In addition, they can bet on two, or four, numbers with the same chip. These bets are placed by overlapping the chip onto two or four of the numbers. If each chip was worth £10, one chip overlapping two numbers would essentially be a £5 bet on each. Meanwhile, a bet overlapping four numbers would be a £2.50 bet on each.  Roulette is a game that is available at  most online casinos offering no deposit bonuses in the USA.

    Interestingly, bets on a single number pay at 35:1whilst bets on two and four numbers pay at 17:1 and 8:1 respectively. More on this in a minute.

    How to Maximise Your Winnings Playing Roulette Online

    Since it’s entirely luck based, there are only a few ways to maximise winnings playing roulette at an online casino.

    The first tip in this regard is to never play at an American roulette wheel. The inclusion of the number zero gives the house its edge. The inclusion of a second zero (double zero) on American roulette wheels doubles the house edge. If there is a choice (there usually is at online casinos) play at the European table.

    Second, never place bets with a single chip that cover more than one number. You can see from the pay-outs we listed above, you increase the house edge by spreading a chip over two numbers. This is further increased if the bet is spread over more numbers. 

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