• Review Of Netent’s Jumanji Slot 

    The  NetEnt, the online gaming software provider and global giant in its industry, has a reputation of setting up a feeling of expectation regarding their latest slot game creations. When it comes to the Jumanji slot, it is safe to say that they are sure to outdo themselves in one aspect of the matter.

    Crazy Game by Netent

    Jumanji Slot Game Play

    The long-announced Jumanji slot, like any other NetEnt release, is set to provide players with a smooth and seamless game play experience. However, in order to reach the maximum possible outcome, it is good to learn a thing or two things that make it all come together.

    As the slot's name implies, this release by NetEnt is another one in the line of slot games inspired by great moments in other areas of entertainment. After all, the rock band music-themed selections of slots speak loudly enough of NetEnt's tribute to their contribution in the industry, and more.

    Getting back to Jumanji, the slot gets its name and initial inspiration from the  box office hit the name, starring the now late Robin Williams. It had not been long since it was alive, a family classic motion picture. Proving this is the recent 2017 sequel of the same movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Incited by this, as well as the desire to revive such works of multimedia art, NetEnt have taken on both a demanding and rewarding task.

    Jumanji Slot Features

    While the subject of the theme and the excellent performance in terms of visual, audio and other technical aspects is undisputable, there is still the issue of the slot features. Considering the official video release made by NetEnt, it is safe to assume it will contain some of the characters of the 1995 movie, maybe even some of the scene they thing for their public announcement.

    Regardless, as any other online game slot appassionato would claim, the sole fact that it is done by NetEnt gives the project all the more credibility. As a result, players should expect nothing short of a highly rewarding game with a high RTP rate and a bonus game.

    Play Jumanji Slot Online

    Play Jumanji Slot Online


    Players are expected to have Jumanji slot by the end of Q2 of 2018, available at every  popular NetEnt casino. Recent public announcements have been published by NetEnt 's newly formed partnership with Sony Entertainment. While Jumanji, it is also a sign of the giant software, it is also a sign of the immense quality to be accumulated in this upcoming slot. This huge slot will be offered as a free spins game at many UK no deposit casinos for the first time in 2019.

    Do not take anybody else's word for it, as well as a little bit of fun in the CGI animations and action build-up, since the initial public showcasing at the ICE convention.    

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